Why have you chosen not to seek funding or apply for grants?

We are committed to providing New Zealanders with impartial information that accurately reflects our informed view about all things zero waste. We believe that the public’s ability to trust some of our key resources – such as our Regional Zero Waste Guides, our presentation content, and our advocacy around waste policy – would be compromised if we were to receive funding from businesses, government and even some philanthropic donors.

Our alternative approach means we maintain full control over what we do and don’t say, the businesses, services and initiatives we do and don’t promote, and total flexibility if we wish to retract/change our position on any matter based on new information. Our criteria is based exclusively on advancing zero waste in New Zealand and making it easier for New Zealanders to access information that will help them reduce their waste.

A secondary matter is we just do not have time/capacity to be filling out funding applications and grant forms and have no desire to do this or prioritise this. We just want to spend our time getting our message out there.