Why are your school, public and community talks free? What if these groups are able/willing to pay you?

We are committed to our public and school events being free because we are passionate about keeping information about sustainable lifestyle choices as accessible as possible. For many people, schools and community groups, money is a barrier to accessing all kinds of information that isn’t available through conventional channels, and to hosting public speakers.

We fully acknowledge the existence of many amazing people and organisations who absolutely need to make a living and who do charge for their services, which will often be well worth the money. Our approach should not be interpreted as a criticism of them. Rather, we are lucky enough to be in a position where we don’t need to charge,* and so we choose not to.

We are extremely grateful that people are interested enough in what we have to say to attend our events. We see our audiences as our guests and we like to reciprocate with hospitality and warmth. Charging people to attend doesn’t sit with the kaupapa of The Rubbish Trip. Our desire to show hospitality is also why we like to provide at least some free kai at our public talks.

Having said all this, if people/groups/organisations do wish to koha, for whatever reason, we will gratefully accept, but reiterate that this is not expected.

*For example, we do not have kids or dependents to support.