Who funds you?

The Rubbish Trip receives no funding grants from local or central government, businesses or organisations to run our tour and flagship presentations and we do NOT do product placement. At times, an individual or body from any of these groups might cover our venue hire, accommodation costs, reimburse our expenses, or give us food.

Sometimes, councils give us a koha if they’ve hosted our talk, but that is both unsolicited and quite unusual. As of mid-2018, we now also charge for the talks we deliver in workplaces/businesses (see “What do you charge for your presentations and workshops?” above).

We have received a few hundred dollars from Entrust Foundation, which set up and operates The Kiwi Bottle Drive, as a thank you for our promotion of bottle deposits. This was retrospective to our voluntarily promoting bottle deposits and had no influence on our decision/desire to promote and continue to promote bottle deposits, which we 100% support.

In 2019, both of us have taken up side products that we are occasionally remunerated for. Liam is developing his music and waste programme, Resoursonance, which has received funding from Wellington City Council and Creative New Zealand. Hannah is doing freelance legal and policy work for various waste-related advocacy groups and campaigns that align with The Rubbish Trip’s view and approach.