Where does your $20 a day budget come from?

For the first 18 months of The Rubbish Trip our $20 a day budget came from crowdfunding, which we felt was a good, transparent way to raise what are – in the scheme of things – pretty low costs. 

However, in 2019 we decided to pause this method of fundraising because the same people were donating over and over (often substantial amounts) and we felt this was unfair on them.

Instead, we’re now working towards funding our daily budget through occasional talks at businesses and workplaces (which we no longer offer for free, see “What do you charge for your presentations and workshops?” above) and self-funding the rest through waste policy consultancy work carefully selected to align with our values (Hannah) and music gigs and lessons (Liam). We think this will be sufficient to raise our $20 daily budget – it’s a trial for 2019, so let’s see how it goes!!