What do you need to do your talk? Or, how can I help?

  1. A venue and a data projector that we can use for free. We have no budget to hire places. If you know of a venue that would be willing to host us for free, or if you have links with your local Council or a business that might be able to host us in one of their spaces or cover venue costs, let us know. We use a PowerPoint for our presentations and workshops, so we also really need access to a data projector or a screen to plug our laptop into.
  2. Help with accommodation – this is how we are able to keep our talks free. With a really low income, paying for accommodation is not possible for us. Please note that we are not fussy – a couch in someone’s lounge, a spare room, a house-sitting arrangement (see below), all such options are perfect (we don’t expect to be put up in motels etc., though that is fine too 😉 ).
  3. Bikes to borrow – this is not essential, but is super helpful, especially if we are staying somewhere for a while.

NB: From February 2019 we have started house sitting. We intend to continue The Rubbish Trip for the foreseeable future, including the nomadic lifestyle it requires, but by February 2019 we’d clocked 19 months straight of moving between places every few days. We would like to slow the pace of the trip down and stay in a community for several weeks rather than a few days. We’d like to make this financially viable through house sitting. As a reciprocal arrangement, house sitting also enables us to contribute more to the people who let us stay in their home than is otherwise possible. We welcome anyone who would like a house sitter, wherever you are in New Zealand, to get in contact with us as we may be able to help you out 🙂 At this stage we are not looking for WWOOFing opportunities as The Rubbish Trip schedule/workload is simply too demanding.