How do you survive without income?

To make it possible to maintain the above commitments, we live frugally and rely on the sharing economy. We run The Rubbish Trip on a daily budget of $20 (which covers The Rubbish Trip’s expenses as well as our own personal living costs). Everything else is arranged through the sharing economy – for example, we deliver our talks for free, in exchange for accommodation support from the community, venue hire, or offerings of fruit and vegetables.

Although we do not live entirely without money, our simple living approach and our willingness to ‘work’ for ‘free’ has been inspired by other trailblazers. For example, Mark Boyle and Heidemarie Schwermer, as well as our previous experience working for international anti-poverty organisation ATD Fourth World, whose approach to remuneration for their core workers/Volunteer Corps is revolutionary and profoundly affected us.