Can I film your presentation/workshop? Can you send me a copy of your slides?

We don’t allow filming of our presentations or workshops and we don’t distribute our slides. There are a gazillion videos online already about low-waste living that anyone can watch at home, so we don’t feel like lack of info online is a problem we need to address.

Our focus is on giving people a real reason to come to presentations and workshops in person, dedicate a chunk of time to focus on the content (which can’t be forwarded, skipped through or left half-watched), away from screens, and amongst other waste-conscious people in their community. Our passion for this medium of communication is why we take The Rubbish Trip on the road full time, to as many corners of NZ as possible. We want to reach people the old school way!

However, we do have a very wide variety of free resources and materials on our website, including our recipes for different foods and snacks, toiletries, cleaners, and our Regional Zero Waste Guides.