Zero Waste in the Waikato Region

Zero Waste in the Waikato Region

Waikato is a huge region with pockets of zero waste activity all over the place. It’s home to some legendary waste minimisation pilgrimage sites – like Xtreme Zero Waste in Raglan and Seagull Centre in Thames; some real oases that make low-waste living effortless, enjoyable and delicious in locations you might least expect, like Raw Balance in Taupō; then there are places so full of options for low waste living, that there’s really no excuse, like Hamilton (a city with THREE Bin Inns?! No fair!); and finally, spots where community initiatives show how coming together and cooperating can help to reduce both waste and need, like The Sharing Shed in Te Awamutu.

Given the size of the region, we have broken the guide down into several districts (click on the area you’re interested in). There are some districts missing, if you are able to help us fill in some gaps, please let us know:

3 thoughts on “Zero Waste in the Waikato Region”

  • Please add Cambridge services to your list.
    We have CROP SWAP meetings once a week, PLASTIC BAG FREE CAMBRIDGE who distribute boomerang reuseable bags through the supermarkets and produce bags through Forage and Vege Fresh.
    Trash n Treasure recyclable and craft Markets second Sunday of the month. Also on that day there is a group who meet upstairs in the Meraki Workspace to fix broken electronics and machines. The consumer brings their own broken equipment and receives tips and pointers to self- repair.
    We also have the local Farmers Market for seasonal produce every Saturday morning and Boomerang Bags also promote their reuseable items there – there are receptacles to seperate rubbish, recycling and organics.
    Sustainable Cafes – Rouge and Onyx in particular.

    • Correction – Crop swap meetings MONTHLY. Crop swapping can also be done privately on the Facebook page any time. We also have two pay it forward facebook pages to encourage reuse, repurposing of items and save people from buying new and provide for those in need. The Cambridge Community Gardens share excess produce to those in need on a daily, weekly basis.

    • Hiya Monique, thanks for this update! Some of these services are already in the guide, but we’ll update the places that are missing. Thanks for helping us to keep the guide up to date! H and L

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