Zero Waste in the Auckland Region

Zero Waste in the Auckland Region


What can we say, other than we were virtually falling over low-waste shopping solutions wherever we went in this city… Auckland’s a big place, full of interesting and enthused people offering creative solutions to reduce waste and/or making food more affordable through bulk purchasing.

We found so many places across the region that the list started to balloon into something a bit ridiculous. So, we’ve broken this guide up into multiple areas (see the links below) – you can flick between these areas depending on which parts of the city you frequent most often.

As we say with all our regional shopping guides, if we’ve missed something that really should be in here (no doubt we will have), please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us, or leave a comment, and we’ll add it in as soon as we can! As the guides are still quite long and full of info, if you need help navigating them, please feel free to contact us with questions too.

Zero Waste Shopping in Auckland – Many Guides (including on an interactive map!)

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