Podcast 6: Robert Scott: Reclaimed Timber Traders

Podcast 6: Robert Scott: Reclaimed Timber Traders


Back in July 2017, The Rubbish Trip interviewed Robert Scott of Reclaimed Timber Traders, an incredible organisation in Palmerston North that rescues timber that would otherwise be sent to landfill, resurrects it, and gives it a new life (they will even make specific items to order for you, should you wish).

Not only does RTT divert waste from landfill, but it also seeks to provide job opportunities to individuals who have previously struggled to find secure employment, and it has sent timber overseas to support aid and disaster relief work.

We found Robert both wise and inspirational to listen to and we were amazed by what he and his wife Adrienne have achieved through RTT and its umbrella organisation Human Aid Focus NZ. Visiting RTT made us aware of the issue of timber in our waste stream, reminding us, yet again, that our society’s waste problems extend beyond plastic. It is organisations like RTT that are really pioneering a new way of caring for materials and skills that are otherwise undervalued within our current economic settings.

We hope you find this interview informative (and that you don’t mind the sound of torrential rain on the roof!!) To supplement your listening and to get a different perspective on RTT, you may also wish to listen to Robert’s August interview on RNZ, on Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan.

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