Podcast 24: Katrina Wolff: Blue Borage

Podcast 24: Katrina Wolff: Blue Borage

Katrina Wolff is the creator of Blue Borage, a business in Auckland through which she supports households, schools, workplaces and communities to develop and sustain on-site edible gardens, and to compost their way to beautiful soil. Katrina is a strong believer in ensuring everyone in society has access to healthy, local kai, and to the potential to contribute to good quality compost. Blue Borage focuses on equipping people with simple and lasting solutions to gardening and composting on land close to them.

In this podcast, we talk with Katrina about why she’s so passionate about soil, on how edible gardening and composting contributes to holistic wellbeing, the benefits of keeping things local and community focused, and whether modern society can allow us to transition towards a life that is more connected to the land, soil and food around us.

NB: Our conversation with Katrina touched on the upcoming food scrap collection being rolled out across Auckland. Since recording this podcast Auckland Council have announced they will be expanding their kerbside food scrap collection service and that what is collected will be processed with anaerobic digestion. In Katrina’s view this will not help grow a local food system in suburban Auckland.

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