Podcast 22: Anna Dawson: Plastic-Free Pantry

Podcast 22: Anna Dawson: Plastic-Free Pantry
Globally, Governments, businesses and consumers are searching for alternatives to single-use plastic packaging for consumer goods. With mounting pressure on the Earth’s resources, the idea that we can carry on with one-way packaging, but simply substitute plastic with other materials, is increasingly questionable. The answer seems to lie in a shift in how we bring goods to consumers, particularly a movement towards reusable and refillable packaging.
So, that’s why we’ve been totally buzzing about Plastic-Free Pantry for some time now! In 2017, engineers and sailors Anna and Robin Dawson created Plastic-Free Pantry, a zero waste grocery delivery service on Waiheke Island that delivers wholefoods and local foodstuffs in reusable glass jars to customers across the island. For the customer, this means no plastic packaging, and not even any recycling, after a Plastic-Free Pantry shop! Woah!
We were really keen to learn more about the Plastic-Free Pantry model that Anna and Robin have created, and their vision for zero waste food distribution systems and the circular economy. So, in June 2019, we sat down to chat with Anna about Plastic Free Pantry, her sailing and engineering background, her experience running beach cleans in the Philippines, her ability to juggle family life, zero waste living and a full-on small business, and how this all ties back to eating and shopping more locally, mindfully and kindly.

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