The Rubbish Trip Resources

We are still developing the resources section of our website because we are currently investing most of our time in organising and delivering our talks. So we really encourage people to come to our free presentations for all our tips and tricks! However, we will upload our resources here as we create them, so do keep checking back:

Regional Zero Waste Shopping Guides
Bare Essentials: Recipes for Zero Waste Toiletries
Low Waste Dishwashing/Laundry Soap
Easy, Waste-Busting Recipes for Food and Drink






Citrus All-Purpose Cleaning Spray
Be a Tirading Kiwi: An Everyday New Zealander’s Toolkit for Advocating on Waste Minimisation Issues


Camping and Holidaying with Less Waste. Part 1: Camping Gear. Part 2: A How-To Guide
Wild & Free: Foraging in New Zealand for Budget Zero Wasters