Turning a Blind Eye: Backyard burying and burning of rubbish in New Zealand

This post is part of The Rubbish Guilt-Trip series. Before you read on, we recommend reading the initial post (if you haven’t already), which describes our intention […]

The Rubbish Guilt-Trip: Two No-Waste Nomads Get Blunt with People

The Rubbish Guilt-Trip is a category on our website specifically for posts on thornier, possibly controversial, issues, and how they relate to zero waste. Many of these topics are […]

6-monthly transport footprint (5 April 2019 – 5 October 2019)

A year has passed since we gave up our car – woah! Can you believe it, but we’re still managing to move around/survive/do a fulltime roadshow […]

Hey man, where are you? The underrepresentation of men in the world of zero waste

  Liam here – usually, The Rubbish Trip’s posts are co-authored, and although both Hannah and I are interested in this issue, I wanted to share […]

Preaching to “the Converted” #9: Jess Ettridge & Family

We (Jess, Corey, Ivy and Calvin) chose to make Nelson our home after moving from Perth. We’re loving exploring our new backyard and becoming part of […]

6-Monthly Transport Footprint (5 October 2018-5 April 2019)

Six months ago we gave up our car in order to reduce The Rubbish Trip’s transport emissions footprint. We’ve since started logging all our transport into Catalyst’s free ACE […]

Our Position on Essential Oil Use in Homemade Toiletries

*** Please read this post in full if you have used our toothpaste or deodorant recipes prior to 26 March 2019 and added the “optional” essential […]

Preaching to “The Converted” #8: Jamie Tuvae me tana whānau

Kia Ora Koutou. Ko Jamie ahau.  Nō Waiheke Island ahau. Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou. My little family consists of me and my husband, our […]

Why We Don’t Fly

Recently, we discovered No Fly Climate Sci, a loose grouping of academics, earth scientists and the general public who choose not to fly or to fly […]

Preaching to “the Converted” #7: Beatriz Santos

Beatriz Santos is a Spaniard living in Wellington. She moved to New Zealand in January 2018 with her Kiwi partner to start a new life after […]