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Three reasons why we’re not talking about recycling in 2024

2024 marks the start of our tenth year of living without a rubbish bin. We’re already well into our seventh year of The Rubbish Trip, where […]

Easy, waste-busting recipes for food and drink

Whenever we do our talks, we provide zero waste nibbles, free of charge, as a way of demonstrating that it’s possible to create easy snacks and […]

Regional Zero Waste Shopping Guides and Map

Before we do a talk anywhere in Aotearoa New Zealand, we always take time to suss out the local area and ask ourselves, “if we lived […]

Launching ‘A Waste of Time?: Preaching to the Converted’

For over a year now we have been running public presentations on how individuals can reduce their household rubbish. If we had a $1 for every […]