Resources to Help You Submit on Govt’s Proposal to Ban some Hard-to-Recycle and Single-Use Plastic Items

Resources to Help You Submit on Govt’s Proposal to Ban some Hard-to-Recycle and Single-Use Plastic Items

On Wednesday 12 August 2020 the Government announced a proposal to ban a range of hard-to-recycle and single-use plastic items. The proposal is now up for public consultation until 4 December 2020, 5pm.

This proposal is a big deal and it’s important we take the time to have our say. You can find the consultation document and links to the submission form on the Ministry for the Environment website. You can also find our initial reaction to the proposals here.

Recognising that the full consultation document and submission form is a bit… intense… the Ministry has also set up a separate page for this consultation that’s a bit more accessible. It includes a video, an official summary of the 74 page consultation document, as well as a quick “online survey” for people who want to have their say, but would rather not go through the full long-form submission process. 

For those who are keen to make a full submission and/or would like to have a bit of a sense of what the wider zero waste community thinks about this proposal, we’ve compiled a bunch of resources that will hopefully help (though, if we’re honest, it looks much prettier on the Takeaway Throwaways website!!). These are resources we’ve created, alongside resources from other organisations in the zero waste community. Collaboration is what we’re all about!

Here are the resources:

  1. Our 2-page summary of the consultation document (because, let’s be honest, 74 pages is a bit of a slog…). If you’d like to read a 5-page version with different formatting by Takeaway Throwaways, you can find that here.
  2. joint submission from the zero waste community (which The Rubbish Trip has signed on to too, of course 😉 ). This is well worth reading if you are into a deep dive and intend to do a detailed submission yourself. PS other organisations are welcome to sign on to this joint submission – simply send your logo to before 2 December 2020.
  3. Takeaway Throwaways’ comprehensive submission resources
  4. Zero Waste Network’s template submission guide (features text you can copy and paste into your submission form and then play around with, or leave as is!)
  5. Greenpeace Aotearoa’s sign and send submission form (if you don’t have time to write your own submission, this features a pre-written submission, which you have the option of editing before sending, but you don’t have to)
  6. Submission writing webinars – in person (if you’re in Welly) or live-streamed online for everyone else
    • 9 October 2020 – Two, back to back, Submission Writing Workshops over lunchtime at Victoria University of Wellington (also live-streamed if you aren’t in Welly)
    • 29 October 2020 – a Submission Writing Party at Hopper Refill Shop & Cafe in the evening (also live-streamed if you aren’t in Welly)

Happy submission writing!

4 thoughts on “Resources to Help You Submit on Govt’s Proposal to Ban some Hard-to-Recycle and Single-Use Plastic Items”

  • Just wanted to say thank you! I feel this is super important, but do not have the capacity to do all the reading (so many big words) and thinking (so much heavy stuff going on right now!). It’s great to be able to trust and lean on you! Your hard work is greatly appreciated!

    • So glad to hear that it’s useful! That feedback makes it all worthwhile 🙂 Will be more resources coming to help with approaching the submission form! 🙂

  • I live Nelson 1,2, and 5 are the only plastic we put in recycling now. The rest goes to landfill. The sooner NZ builds the waste disposal burners same as European countries have the better off our waste problems will be dealt with.

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