The Rubbish Trip Podcast

The Rubbish Trip Podcast
Podcast 27: Nicola Turner: Mainstream Green

Nicola Turner, resident of the small Waikato town of Cambridge, is the creator of the social enterprise, Mainstream Green. Through Mainstream Green, Nic combines her personal experience of her own family’s transition to sustainable living – along with her in-depth knowledge of human behaviour – to help people and organisations tread more lightly on the planet in ways that actually save time and money. 

Nic’s own story is thoroughly convincing – over a number of years, her family of four steadily changed how and what they buy and consume to the point that they now produce only one wheelie bin of waste a year, they’ve eliminated hundreds of synthetic chemicals from their home, and they save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, annually

Nic is a powerhouse, which makes it hard to sum up the range of mahi she does through Mainstream Green, which includes in-person speaking events and webinars, behaviour change strategies for businesses and councils, heaps of online learning material, including the 10 Day Challenge, and she’s even written a book – Living Lightly: the busy person’s guide to mindful consumption. We felt so lucky to have the opportunity to sit down with Nic to dig a bit deeper into the benefits of sustainable living, common myths around the modern obsession with convenience, and how to bring all kinds of people along on the journey of more simple living.


Podcast 27: Nicola Turner: Mainstream Green

Nicola Turner, resident of the small Waikato town of Cambridge, is the creator of the social enterprise, Mainstream Green. Through Mainstream Green, Nic combines her personal experience of her own […]

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