Zero Waste in West Christchurch

Zero Waste in West Christchurch

This guide covers West Christchurch businesses only. For other parts of Christchurch or to read about city-wide council and community services, or city-wide shopping options, please refer to the Zero Waste in Christchurch City homepage.

NB: All our regional guides cover as many low-waste options as we could find for food, drink, kitchen and food packaging, cleaning products and bathroom products – scroll down to view each category.

Food options (i.e. stores that offer loose items which you can put, unpackaged, into your own BYO bags/containers)

  • Wholefoods: Market and Health Store, 52 Riccarton Road, Riccarton – this great wholefoods/organic shop has a good range of unpackaged/loose seeds, nuts, dried fruit, legumes, grains and flours in bulk, as well as liquid refills of tamari, apple cider vinegar, and oil. They also stock Loving Earth and Trade Aid chocolate (which come in Econic home-compostable packaging).
  • Theo’s Fisheries, 82 Riccarton Rd, Riccarton – BYO container for fresh seafood without the disposable plastic.
  • De Spa Chocolatier, 218 Riccarton Road, Riccarton – sells unpackaged truffles, fancy chocolates and chocolate buttons – BYO container!
  • Sun Mart, 221 Blenheim Rd, Riccarton – stocks unpackaged/loose peanuts, beans (including soy), rice, millet, cashews and shiitake mushrooms in bulk bins.
  • Magnolia Electric, 355 Riccarton Road, Upper Riccarton – you can get Dutch cheese off the round and licorice unpackaged, just BYO containers and bags.
  • La Wheat, Bush Inn Shopping Centre, Corner of Waimari and Riccarton Roads, Upper Riccarton – sells unpackaged bread and bakery goods, just BYO bag.
  • Elite MeatsBush Inn Shopping Centre, Corner of Waimari and Riccarton Roads, Upper Riccarton – BYO container to this butchery to get fresh cuts of meat without the disposable plastic.
  • China Town Market, 384 Riccarton Road, Upper Riccarton – sells dumplings wrapped in (banana?) leaves, and loose/unpackaged beans, peanuts, & several types of rice in bulk bins.
  • Sunson Asian Market, 386 Riccarton Road, Upper Riccarton – sells loose/unpackaged peanuts, cashews, grains (rice, oats, pearl barley, millet, corn grits), beans (incl soy, kidney, adzuki, mung, chickpeas), wolf berries, and more in bulk bins.
  • Basics, 8 Brake St, Upper Riccarton – has a nice range of loose/unpackaged peanuts, various beans (incl soy beans) and various rices in bulk bins.
  • New World Ilam, 47C – 57C Peer St, Upper Riccarton/Ilam – has a large (typically expensive) bulk bin/pick and mix section, and also sells live (unpackaged) mussels (just BYO something like an ice cream container to put them in), Trade Aid chocolate, sugar and Ceres Organics Raw Goodness bars (which all come in home-compostable packaging), and unpackaged bread and bakery goods (just BYO bag).
  • Meat at Millers, 205 Waimairi Road, Ilam – ask if you can BYO container to get fresh cuts of meat without the disposable plastic.
  • New World Wigram, 51 Skyhawk Road, Wigram – sells loose lettuce and mesclun, some self serve sea food, Trade Aid sugar and Loving Earth chocolate (both of which come in home-compostable packaging), some unpackaged bread and bakery goods (BYO bag), and a standard bulk/pick and mix section. This New World also has a “Food in the Nude” approach for its produce (i.e. mostly unpackaged).
  • Spice Bazaar, 405 Main South Road, Hornby – sells unpackaged/loose nuts, seeds, dried fruit, legumes, spices, flours, sugar, coconut, rice and other grains in bulk bins.
  • PAK’nSAVE, The Hub, Hornby – as well as having an extensive bulk bin/pick and mix section (with some good, regular specials), this supermarket sells self serve seafood (live mussels, prawns, whole fish and heads, squid) and some unpackaged bread and bakery goods (just BYO bags/containers).
  • Hei Hei Butchery, 36 Wycola Ave, Hei Hei – BYO container to this butchery to get fresh cuts of meat without the disposable plastic – they really encouraged it here!
  • Markets: Christchurch Farmers’ Market, 16 Kahu Rd, Riccarton/Fendalton (Saturdays) and The Riccarton Market, 165 Racecourse Rd, Broomfield (Sundays) – these are always a great place to get fresh produce unpackaged (if you ask to have things in your own bags/containers… you may have to shop around!), but there are a few extra goodies found at Christchurch’s farmers’ markets that are hard to find low-waste elsewhere. These include Emilio’s Cheesea range of authentic Italian cheeses that are unpackaged; delicious artisan breads from Nikau Bakehouse and Vic’s Bakehouse; and Volcano Market marinated olives, sundried tomatoes, artichokes and other deli foods – just BYO bags and containers!
  • Pet Food – pets need to eat too! At Nick’s Pet Food, Michelle Road, Wigram you can get pet food put in your own containers. Easiest to drop your containers off earlier when placing your order and pick them up later (if a largish order).

Drink options

  • Coffee – wherever possible, we encourage people to find places that sell whole or ground coffee beans unpackaged and have them put in BYO bags/containers. In West Christchurch, you can get fresh coffee beans from Black & White Coffee Cartel, 2/20 Waimairi, Bush Inn, Upper Riccarton; one of the many Coffee Culture cafes at 10 Rotherham Street, Riccarton; and Bush Inn, 364 Riccarton Road, Upper Riccarton; and Crafted Coffee Company121 Blenheim Road, Riccarton (just go earlier in week before everything is packaged and sold). You can also get Trade Aid instant coffee (which comes in Econic home-compostable packaging) at New World Ilam, 47C – 57C Peer St, Upper Riccarton/Ilam, and Wholefoods: Market and Health Store, 52 Riccarton Road, Riccarton.
  • Milk – Unless Happy Cow Milk opens up again, your best bet will be milk powder from a bulk bin at one of the three Bin Inns in South Christchurch and East Christchurch, or the ingredients to make non-dairy milk from a bulk bin (i.e. oats, nuts, threaded coconut, rice).
  • Beer – look out for places that sell beer on tap and BYO bottles/flagons to fill up. In the West, there are a number of breweries and vendors who sell craft beer on tap: Eagle Brewing (which sells its own beer), and Volstead Trading Company, both at 55 Riccarton Road, Riccarton; Harrington’s Breweries, 6 Tenahaun Pl, Wigram; Wigram Brewing Company57 Sonter Rd, Wigram; The Twisted Hop, 7 Parkhouse Rd, Wigram; Raindogs Brewing Co5 Edmonton Rd, Hornby; and Brewers Union, who sell local craft beers and can be found at most farmers’ markets in the region.
  • Kombucha MamaZing operates a bottle swap from Wholefoods: Market and Health Store, 52 Riccarton Road, Riccarton. Just return your empties (and get a deposit back for your efforts), which will then be washed, sterilized and reused – yay!

Kitchen/food packaging alternatives

  • Wholefoods: Market and Health Store, 52 Riccarton Road, Riccarton – sells My Vita Bags 100% organic cotton produce and bulk bin bags, Ginger Pye reusable sandwich wraps, Joco glass reusable takeaway coffee cups, reusable metal straws, Go Bamboo home-compostable veggie brushes, and wooden dishbrushes with replaceable, home compostable heads.
  • Park Ranger114 Riccarton Rd, Riccarton – stocks Joco glass reusable takeaway coffee cups.
  • Red Current, Westfield Riccarton, 129 Riccarton Rd – stocks cotton washcloths that could be used as dishcloths.
  • @cquisituons, Westfield Riccarton, 129 Riccarton Rd – stocks reusable carry bags, Cuppa Coffee Cup (NZ-made reusable takeaway coffee cups) and silicone pot/bowl covers (an alternative to plastic cling wrap and tin foil).
  • Living & Giving, Westfield Riccarton, 129 Riccarton Rd – stocks many different shapes and colours of silicone pot/bowl covers (an alternative to plastic cling wrap and tin foil), and reusable metal and glass water bottles.
  • Coffee Culture, 10 Rotherham Street, Riccarton; Bush Inn, 364 Riccarton Road, Upper Riccarton – stock branded Keep Cup reusable takeaway coffee cups.
  • Natural Attraction Hairstylist and Antiques, 184 Clarence Street, Windmill Centre, Riccarton – stocks Bento Ninja stainless steel lunchboxes and stainless steel pegs and reusable metal water bottles.
  • Healthy Thymes, 106 The Runway, Wigram Skies – stocks My Vita Bags 100% organic cotton produce and bulk bin bags and Cuppa Coffee Cup (NZ-made reusable takeaway coffee cups).
  • PAK’nSAVE, The Hub, Hornby – stocks Budget brand 100% cotton dishcloths.
  • Cafe 1894, The Undercroft, University of Canterbury, University Dr, Ilam – stocks Cuppa Coffee Cup (NZ-made reusable takeaway coffee cups), and gives a 50c discount if you BYO cup.

Cleaning products

  • New World Ilam, 47C – 57C Peer St, Upper Riccarton/Ilam – stocks Eco Planet and Next Generation laundry powder (which comes in a cardboard box with a cardboard scoop – no plastic lining!)
  • Wholefoods: Market and Health Store, 52 Riccarton Road, Riccarton – sells unpackaged/loose laundry powder, non-food grade baking soda and Epsom salts in bulk (if you’re keen on making your own cleaning products), Ethique laundry bars (which come in compostable cardboard packaging), bars of Dr. Bronner’s castille soap which you can use as a base for homemade dishwashing and laundry liquid (see how it works here), SoapNuts that come only in a cardboard box with no plastic inner lining, and Go Bamboo pegs made from bamboo with a metal spring mechanism.

Bathroom products

  • Bamboo Toothbrushes – these are a great alternative to plastic toothbrushes because they have wooden, home compostable handles (bristles are still plastic and need to be sent to landfill). You can get the Humble Brush brand at Wholefoods: Market and Health Store, 52 Riccarton Road, Riccarton; Uni PharmacyThe Undercroft, University of Canterbury University Dr, Ilam; Homestead Health, Bush Inn Shopping Centre, Corner of Waimari and Riccarton Roads, Upper Riccarton; Unichem Pharmacy, 102 The Runway, Wigram Skies; Stay Well Pharmacy, 27 Shands Road, Hornby; and Life Pharmacy, 418 Main South Road, Hornby. The activated charcoal infused Grin toothbrushes are sold at Healthy Thymes, 106 The Runway, Wigram Skies. Go Bamboo toothbrushes can be found at New World Ilam, 47C – 57C Peer St, Upper Riccarton/Ilam; and Wholefoods: Market and Health Store (who also stocks Ecology toothbrushes).
  • Unpackaged Soap – we believe soap doesn’t need packaging (it is made to clean, after all!). There are a couple of places in West Christchurch that sell unpackaged soap: @cquisituons, Westfield Riccarton, 129 Riccarton Rd; and Homestead Health at the Bush Inn Shopping Centre stocks a range of unpackaged soaps (including those made by Eco Store).
  • Shampoo and Shaving Bars – there are a few places that stock Ethique‘s range of awesome bar alternatives to toiletries that would otherwise usually come in plastic and aluminium bottles – from shampoos and shaving soaps, through to body and facial cleansers and moisturisers, all packaged only in a home compostable cardboard box: You can go straight to the source at Ethique’s Factory Shop, Unit 15/3 Stark Drive, Wigram. Other stockists in the area are Uni Pharmacy; Unichem Pharmacy, Wigram Skies; Wholefoods: Market and Health Store; and Sunson Asian Market, 386 Riccarton Road, Upper Riccarton.
  • Menstrual Cups – a zero waste, low cost alternative to disposable sanitary items like tampons and pads. You can buy these at Wholefoods: Market and Health Store in Riccarton; the Uni Pharmacy and New World in Ilam; and Healthy Thymes and the Unichem Pharmacy in Wigram Skies.
  • Other – Wholefoods: Market and Health Store stock Go Bamboo cotton buds (which are home compostable). You can get reusable metal razors with replacement blades at Shaver Shop, Westfield Riccarton, 129 Riccarton Rd. For some zero waste fragrances, try the unpackaged Scentchips from @cquisituons, Westfield Riccarton, 129 Riccarton Rd (just BYO container).

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