Zero Waste in the Bay of Plenty

Zero Waste in the Bay of Plenty

Living without a rubbish bin is certainly possible in the Bay of Plenty (though in some parts it’s certainly more doable than others). Overall we were excited and heartened by the waste-free shopping options in the Bay of Plenty and the awesome waste-busting community projects happening across the region. We hope that you feel so too!

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No doubt we will have missed some stores or items that should be on here. Please, if you know of a business that we have missed from this list, let us know! Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us (or leave a comment at the end of the guide, below) and we will endeavour to update the guide as soon as possible.


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    • Kia ora Sue – depends whereabouts you live in the Bay of Plenty? under the “drinks” section of the shopping guide we have listed the places that sell milk from vending machines where you can use refillable glass bottles. We saw these in Tauranga (cameron road), Mount Maunganui (at one of the butchers in town), and in Welcome Bay. We have not heard of other milk vending machines in the area, though there may be. otherwise, if you live rurally, it’d be a matter of finding a local farmer who has some cows and asking if you can get milk direct from them. if none of these options are available in your area, and if you really want to reduce waste associated with milk, it might be a matter of just reducing how much milk you buy each week (say, going down from two plastic bottles, to one plastic bottle, or whatever).

  • Whakatane – Simply Handmade@the Red Barn is a little shop outside Whakatane on the coastal road to Tauranga. They carry locally made eco-cloths (made of organic cotton) and beeswax wraps. They also have some great up cycled items that perfect for gifts – blanket capes, garden art, mosaics, doggie jerseys, bird feeders. Worth a stop.

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