Zero Waste in Nelson-Tasman

Zero Waste in Nelson-Tasman

From a zero waste perspective, we couldn’t have started off our trip in the South Island in a better place. Nelson and Tasman are full to the brim with amazing businesses, organisations and community groups to get you well on your way to zero waste living. So much so that this guide is HUGE and perhaps a bit unwieldy… sorry!

We have divided the guide into three to make them more user-friendly (click on the guide relevant to you below). We’ve followed the territorial authority boundary areas, so the divisions may seem a bit artificial and not fully follow your own shopping habits (for example, many Nelsonians shop in Richmond, which is in Tasman District, while many people in Tasman District do their big shops in Nelson), so you may wish to look at more than one guide.

We hope that you find the guides useful. As always, we note that while we have done our best to get across as many businesses, local groups and services as possible, we may have missed some. Please feel free to leave us a comment or a suggestion if we’ve missed anything off, and we’ll add it in!

NB: We love it when you share our guides with others – please do so by sharing the link to our website, rather than copying and pasting the guides’ content and reproducing them elsewhere.


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