Podcast 15: Shelley Wilson: In My Kitchen

Podcast 15: Shelley Wilson: In My Kitchen


Palmerston North local Shelley Wilson is at the forefront of the low-waste living movement in New Zealand, which has grown rapidly over the past few years. In 2017 Shelley launched In My Kitchen, an online retail store and info hub, designed to help her customers and followers make changes to reduce the waste they produce in their daily lives. The retail and educational branches of In My Kitchen draw on Shelley’s practicality and creativity, and the learnings she has gained from consciously reducing her family of four’s waste over the last three years.

In August 2018 we chatted with Shelley about what motivates her both to reduce her waste and inspire others to do so too, how to manage zero waste living when you’re time-poor, on a budget or have small children, the importance of being kind to ourselves while doing what we can to cut waste, and thorny issues like how Shelley balances the tension between wanting to sell products while also promoting a philosophy fundamentally grounded in reducing consumption.

Apart from Shelley’s swish website (link above), you can check out In My Kitchen on social media – both Instagram and Facebook.

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