Podcast 12: Nicky Francis: Do Gooder

Podcast 12: Nicky Francis: Do Gooder


Nicky Francis is the person behind Do Gooder, a business selling eco-friendly toothbrushes and floss. Not only that, but for every ecobrush toothbrush you buy, another is donated to a child in New Zealand that does not have a toothbrush. We thought this was pretty cool, so we asked Nicky to sit down with us to talk about her reasons for starting Do Gooder, to share some insights about waste in the dental industry and the inequities in dental health, and to answer some of our questions about zero waste dental hygiene.

Note: Do Gooder stocks two kinds of floss. One is white and is 100% silk and thus a natural, home compostable (zero waste) product, but not vegan. The second kind is black, made of bamboo and activated charcoal, so it’s vegan, BUT it has a polyester (i.e. plastic) base, meaning it is not home compostable and should be put in your rubbish bin (not zero waste). Both flosses come in the same dispenser, which will soon be refillable, meaning that even the black plastic-based floss is less wasteful than any other store bought floss we know of. However, if you’re not vegan and it’s all the same to you, we recommend you choose the white floss, over the black one (from a waste perspective).

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  • Hey thanks for this recording, and for clarifying the compostable difference between the white and black types. I couldn’t find it anywhere else!

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