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We are still developing the resources section of our website because we are currently investing most of our time in organising and delivering our talks. So we really encourage people to come to our free presentations for all our tips and tricks! However, we will upload our resources here as we create them, so do keep checking back:

The Rubbish Trip in the media and guest blog posts

May 2018

No waste roadshow comes to Southland“, Advocate South (10 May 2018)

Southlanders to learn tips and tricks for reducing waste“, The Southland Times (1 May 2018)

April 2018

On the Case to Reduce Waste“, Southland Express (28 April 2018)

Giving Rubbish The Tip“, Otago Daily Times (2 April 2018)

March 2018

Waste Free Living Easy According to Couple Living Without a Rubbish Bin“, Timaru Herald (26 March 2018)

February 2018

No-Waste Nomads making pilgrimage south to share planet-saving tips“, The Press (16 February 2018)

January 2018

Walking the talk on trash“, Waimea Weekly (24 January 2018), p.12

The Rubbish Trip tips for zero waste“, Golden Bay Weekly (19 January 2018), p.10

Talking a whole lot of rubbish“, Waimea Weekly (10 January 2018), p.7

December 2017

Best tips for reducing waste over Xmas and Summer” guest post on Sustainability Trust’s ‘Ask an Expert’ blog (18 December 2017)

October 2017

Why Living Zero Waste Will Save the World with Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince” Plant Power Podcast (3 October 2017)

August 2017

Sustainability, our earth, our animals, our plants, our people, our little YOGA festival and no-waste nomads with The Rubbish Trip“, Wild & Grace blog (23 August 2017)

Rubbish Trip zero waste roadshow comes to Thames“, Hauraki Herald (16 August 2017)

Life without a rubbish bin“, The Weekend Sun (11 August 2017)

No Waste Nomads coming to Matamata to share their love of living waste free“, Matamata Chronicle (3 August 2017)

July 2017

Talking Trash Nationwide“, Wairarapa Times-Age (29 July 2017)

Arrow FM interview with Hayley Gastmeier (28 July 2017)

No-Waste Nomads bring The Rubbish Trip to Manawatu“, Manawatu Standard (5 July 2017)

Waste Not, Want Not: Bridging the Gap between Social Justice and Environmentalism“, guest post on The Wellington Free Store’s blog (3 July 2017)

June 2017

Touring trash talkers bag plastic waste“, The Tribune (21 June 2017)

Plastic Free July: ’10 Ways to Shrink Your Waste’ with Hannah Blumhardt from The Rubbish Trip“, Commonsense Organics blog (18 June 2017)

May 2017

Zero waste ‘not so hard’ for couple spreading the message“, The Dominion Post (18 May 2017)

Inside a zero-waste home“, Interview with Bryan Crump from Nights on Radio New Zealand (17 May 2017)

B-side stories interview with Perrine Gilkison (9 May 2017)

A world of zero waste – life beyond the bin“, Ōtaki Mail (May 2017), p.15

August 2016

Liam and Hannah on living zero waste“,  guest post on Sustainability Trust’s ‘Ask an Expert’ blog (10 August 2016)

July 2016

B-side Stories interview with Laurie Foon (6 July 2016)