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Our Position on Essential Oil Use in Homemade Toiletries

*** Please read this post in full if you have used our toothpaste or deodorant recipes prior to 26 March 2019 and added the “optional” essential […]

Wild & Free: Foraging in New Zealand for Budget Zero Wasters

Foraging is a great way to get free, zero waste kai. This resource shares some of the foraged goodies we’ve found around NZ, and what we […]

Citrus All-Purpose Cleaning Spray

Keen for a DIY all-purpose cleaning spray that is super budget but isn’t just straight white vinegar? We were too, so that’s why we started making all-purpose citrus […]

Easy, waste-busting recipes for food and drink

Whenever we do our talks, we provide zero waste nibbles, free of charge, as a way of demonstrating that it’s possible to create easy snacks and […]

Low Waste Dishwashing and Laundry Soap

This post has been a long time coming. In part because there are so many different recipes out there for dishwashing and laundry cleaning products, and […]